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Carnival of Venice.

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Joan Bennett - Scarlet Street (1945)

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Joan Bennett - Scarlet Street (1945)

“My works are planes of temporal accumulation and push the image towards its dissolution. My attention is focused on the last moments of a work when a form of exhausted, at-the-limit beauty is impressed in it. I like taking the image to a breaking point, putting its form into danger.”Nicola Samorì (x)


Even when you think, that your opinions are part of your individual “personality”, eventually you will realize that, this is not true… You are not your own person… Your personality, thoughts and opinions are not a construct of your partial existence. The only originality in your life is one that differs only by slight instances from those living in this same plain… Humanity is a collective entity, opinions, beliefs, hopes, dreams… All of these are based off of a momentous interval, that transcends generations and your particular life… In a prenatal state, we are molded by different genes. One half from each part… Nurturing resilience that eventually becomes one whole. We hear, we grow… and slowly we are shaped into the pragmatic “entities” that will be tasked with reciprocating those thoughts, dreams and desires… Humanity fights, argues, kills… because we are, “different”… But we’re not different, we’re just vessels carrying out our own way in life… We simply carry the thoughts of those that came before us… It’s only natural to disagree…

- Kurizu