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That moment…

When all the pieces of your reality come crashing down, you realize that the love you seemed to admire and cherish is easily dismissed by the petty irrational emotions of human nature. That love can be only skin deep and the whips of anger can gouge out your very soul… When you realize that words cannot be taken back, and that the very fabric of this tangible reality you seek for comfort is easily disturbed, is when you come to the conclusion that people will never truly get along…

"The love of family is ever constant…"

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I sometimes find it hilarious how perfect strangers can give more comfort than most of those people close to you. That true objective eye in not knowing a person, so feelings don’t sugarcoat an issue really helps.

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For those of you who are wondering: Yes, I try and post the vast majority of sources to all these pictures. I believe everyone should source the pictures on their blogs. It’s not your sole property and devalues the work the artist and designers have put into their work by leaving them in anonymity. If someone finds something without a source on my blog, let me know please and I’ll try to mediate with it as quickly as possible!  

Même dans l’obscurité terrible. Je vais vous trouver, mon ours cher.…♥

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Même dans l’obscurité terrible. Je vais vous trouver, mon ours cher.…♥

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