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Cristina Otero: Photography, photomanipulation and beauty at it’s finest.

As promised, I got the okay from this wonderful artist! So without further adieu… I present her to you…

  • As quoted by the Kir Royal Valencia Gallery:Con tan sólo 15 años esta fotógrafa autodidacta ya ha revolucionado las redes y parte de su mundo. A los 13 años descubrió la fotografía y en sólo dos aporta una frescura y novedad indiscutible en cada uno de los autorretratos que nos muestra. Expresividad, iluminación, metamorfosis… Una gran madurez puebla sus imágenes, aunque en ellas veamos las dudas y cambios que experimenta cada día una niña que se convierte en mujer. Fotos bellas, oscuras, alegres o muy tristes pero, sin duda, con una gran fuerza visual…”

"At only 15, this young self-taught photograph has already revolutionized the web and part of her world. At 13 she discovered photography and in only 2 has provided freshness and innovation in each of her self-portraits that she presents to us. Expressiveness, illumination and metamorphosisGreat maturity is housed in her images, although in her we see the doubt and change that a girl undergoes each day as she transforms into a woman. Beautiful photos, dark, happy o very sad but, without a doubt, with a strong visual force…”

I personally found this wonderful blooming artist as I navigated through the profile of an artist on deviantArt. Immediately I was amazed by the beauty and depth her photographs portrayed. Some where dark and sinister while others were happy and kind in the messages they reflected.. I asked her for permission, to see if I could share it with everyone so they could see all of her work, and enjoy it as I did. All of these portraits had in common that they were detailed and skillfully prepared. I was most intrigued by the amount of time and dedications all of her self portraits had to have taken. Overall I chose the pieces from each of her albums that most represented her work in each theme. I hope that everyone who see’s this enjoys the photographs and also takes a gander at her profile.

I’ll be posting the link to her profile at the bottom of this spam. :)

Uva, Cristina Otero.

This photograph is titled: Uva (Grape)

I wanted to start it off with something a bit more quirky and funny after all that serious ramble. I believe this picture shows humor while at the same time a hint of adolescent fun. The makeup and depth of her eyes is flawless… Her lips almost like candy. overall I loved it.

This picture is part of her Gallery folder titled: Tutti Frutti.