Words, Thoughts, Art?


"Humans desired reason… Reasons for Pain… Reasons for Sadness… Reasons for Life… Reasons for Death… Why were lives filled with suffering?… Why were their deaths absurd?… They craved reasons for the destiny that kept transcending their knowledge…

That was God.” - Kentaro Miura
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Hell, some call it that… The surface of multiple layers of a singular consciousness… A place that is terribly human. Violence and Loneliness… Filled with every blurred negative feeling. It is truly the will that defines Human nature…” - Kentaro Miura

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An ocean of feelings…

An Ocean of Feelings… All Humans have, deep within their souls.. A common consciousness that transcends individuality.. Their collective consciousness as a species. It’s dark side is this swelling ocean. An entity born from the swells of this ocean, that acts as the ego of the world… The world, the darkness that dwells in every human heart… The idea of evil… This is God." - Kentaro Miura
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