Words, Thoughts, Art?

Caged / Haunted

Caged -

Beautifully solemn and charming. One of my personal favorites. In this portrait we get to see a part of the artists dramatic side. Her solitude is so charming it’s almost wrong to even classify it as such. Beauty in subtle ounces spread throughout the composition. Her eyes staring down something unseen.. Truly haunting..


Haunted -

I feel no words can describe the depth her eyes perceive. Her natural skin and waving strands of hair leave a ghostly presence. A figure lost in her own time, a catatonic state left in oblivion…

I really enjoyed these pictures since we get to see the artist in a more natural look without her adornments and makeup.. The real Cristina in a way.

I hope you all enjoyed this little spam. If you would like to know more about this great artist I recommend you click this Link and check out her profile. There are many more beautiful photographs that weren’t displayed here. I know you will all love them. That is, if you haven’t already checked them out.