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Ode to Aphrodite

Aphrodite, subtle of soul and deathless,
Daughter of God, weaver of wiles, I pray thee
Neither with care, dread Mistress, nor with anguish,
Slay thou my spirit!

But in pity hasten, come now if ever
From afar of old when my voice implored thee,
Thou hast deigned to listen, leaving the golden
House of thy father

With thy chariot yoked; and with doves that drew thee,
Fair and fleet around the dark earth from heaven,
Dipping vibrant wings down he azure distance,
Through the mid-ether;

Very swift they came; and thou, gracious Vision,
Leaned with face that smiled in immortal beauty,
Leaned to me and asked, “What misfortune threatened?
Why I had called thee?”

"What my frenzied heart craved in utter yearning,
Whom its wild desire would persuade to passion?
What disdainful charms, madly worshipped, slight thee?
Who wrongs thee, Sappho?”

"She that fain would fly, she shall quickly follow,
She that now rejects, yet with gifts shall woo thee,
She that heeds thee not, soon shall love to madness,
Love thee, the loth one!

Come to me now thus, Goddess, and release me
From distress and pain; and all my distracted
Heart would seek, do thou, once again fulfilling,
Still be my ally!”

Today I remember fondly..

And laugh, at the days where you accused me of witchcraft. Out of fear of not understanding why you loved me… You poor fool, I enthralled you and your family with my charm, abated your desires with my body and gave into every one of your whims. That was not a spell or potion, that was simply love.

love is not enough, as you so well know… And what once gave you pleasure now gives you misery. Rejoice in the memory, as I so fondly do. The bitter rhapsody awaits all who open their heart… For you know not what you do.

Teddy needs a new heart…

"The film tells the story of Chronos, the personification of time and the inability to realize his desire to love for a mortal. The scenes blend a series of surreal paintings of Dali with dancing and metamorphosis."

I sometimes find it hilarious how perfect strangers can give more comfort than most of those people close to you. That true objective eye in not knowing a person, so feelings don’t sugarcoat an issue really helps.

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A la nutria de la vida.

Aveces… Pienso en mis decisiones. En el rencor que siento en mi alma por herir a la única persona que me amo. De lamentar en mi todo, las palabras que le dije en ese instante de rabia y dolor… Por dentro siento las palpitaciones y la tristeza que me devora, dejándome vació e incapaz de reaccionar… Mi vida amargándose día a día desde el momento que te dije adiós. Por las palabras y acciones que demostraban, tu deleita y emoción… Un amor de verdad, que se perdió… Y ahora solo recojo las hilachas de mi corazón, por saber que en ese momento, en ese insípido instante en cual te perdí de mi vida, sin deseo en el alma. te dije adiós…

- Kurisu

“Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.”

The Little Prince (via psych-facts)

No Man is an Island

"The Beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” - Thomas Merton

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En los días de transcendencia…

La incertidumbre de mi amor es palpable, extraño la mirada con aprecio… Los labios de ternura por donde los dulces sonoros de aprecio me acariciaban.. Resplandeciendo en mi la sonrisa contagiosa que te hacia preguntar, ¿Qué fue?

¿Dónde estas corazón?


In the days of significance

The uncertainty of my love is palpable, strange looks with appreciation The lips of tenderness where the sweet sound of appreciation caressed me .. Shining in my contagious smile that made you ask, what was it?

Where are you, my love?

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Même dans l’obscurité terrible. Je vais vous trouver, mon ours cher.…♥

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Même dans l’obscurité terrible. Je vais vous trouver, mon ours cher.…♥

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Loves Descent…

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Loves Descent…