Words, Thoughts, Art?

Color Blast / Vile

At first glance I pictured a LGBT add come through my mind. Unintentionally this picture is inspiring and I’m sure that it has gotten some comments from members of its community. It’s colorful lips accentuate this blank and barren canvas where a single drop of yellow falls from the tip as it pours out to the bottom. It could be interpreted as the adherent ways our words combine and drip into a sea of thoughts that define what we humans are: “Ideas”. Or it could also be the way our emotions reflect on others as each of the colors could be analyzed as an independent emotion… Truly a ponderous photo.

Horrid and Putrid… Thy rotten soul gives birth to no happiness, nothing but black bile… - Me

I couldn’t help but put these two together. I think they contradict each other but at the same time complement the ideas that the artist wanted to portray. In one you have the creation of thoughts. Whereas in this portrait we see a dark vile bitter creature that drips from the mouth with a dark liquid that seems to know no truth. Thoughts are entangled and drowned in the drips of lies that slip through Rotten teeth the blackness of tar… Truly shivering.